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PROGRAMMER /ˈprōˌɡramər/
A person who solves problems you didn't know you had in ways you don't understand.
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Public Repositories

  • Feeling Responsive is a free flexible theme for Jekyll built on Foundation framework. You can use it for your company site, as a portfolio or as a blog.
  • A boilerplate for github pages sites using the sass version of bootstrap.
  • Official Sass port of Bootstrap 2 and 3.
  • nomacs is a free image viewer for windows, linux, and mac systems.
  • Do you get coffee at starbucks? Do you bring your own mug? You might find this useful.
  • A simple OSX app to fetch a PDF file from an HP Deskjet MFP. It may work with other HP devices.
  • prettyPhoto is a jQuery based lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also add support for videos, flash, YouTube, iFrames. It's a full blown media lightbox. The setup is easy and quick, plus the script is compatible in every major browser.
  • Pebble watchface for Jeep folk
  • csshX like ssh tool for iTerm2
  • A simple jira api client written in Go (golang)
  • Go library to interact with the Chef server API
  • Google Chome extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) tokens from URL query strings BEFORE the requests are made.
  • Lightweight Linux for Docker
  • Just a wrapper to automate creating an animated gif from a video file