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PROGRAMMER /ˈprōˌɡramər/
A person who solves problems you didn't know you had in ways you don't understand.
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  • Python port of the getContentHash() function from PHP's Composer. Useful when updating composer.lock from php when composer is available. Granted this "shouldn't be done" and is "doing it wrong", but sometimes running composer commands in your deployment chain is overkill and redundent.
  • Accessing "member accounts" of your AWS organization. Since the AWS documentation and all the write-ups are more complicated than useful, there's the cliff notes.
  • Backup your webtask code. Can be used to make sure you have the latest version of your code locally, or used to backup in case at some point webtask.io ceases to function. Considering they very recently started failing to install new npm modules, this could be any point now I fear.
  • Mira Milk Frother Usage
  • This python script is used to increase the number of replicas in an ES cluster and force those new replicas to be allocated to a new host to enable a filesystem backup of the ES data directory.