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PROGRAMMER /ˈprōˌɡramər/
A person who solves problems you didn't know you had in ways you don't understand.
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Public Repositories

  • Bash function to bump minor semantic version number by even numbers.
  • Grab stats from memcached
  • Terminal "utility" to copy ASCII emoji to the clipboard on OSX
  • Center text on an image with Python and OpenCV. Had to come up with it myself as no one was spelling this out anywhere (or google couldn't find it)
  • Modeled after Golang's ioutil package's NopCloser method which wraps an io.Reader interface in an io.ReadCloser facade interface, this code takes an io.Writer and a nil channel and returns an io.WriteCloser interface. The example.go file demonstrates usage in an http.HandleFunc as a very over complicated counter using the worker-and-channel-over-mutex pattern.